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Current Affairs

Northernmost island

Date: 10 September 2021 Tags: Climate Change


A previously unknown, tiny and uninhabited island has been discovered by a group of researchers who went out to collect samples off the coast of Greenland.



The island has been designated as the northernmost land on Earth. It measures 60×30 metres with a peak of three metres above sea level.



  • An island known as Oodaaq was earlier marked as the Earth’s northernmost terrain. It is about 800m behind the new location.

  • The physical morphology of the island is made up of seabed mud and moraine, i.e. soil, rock and other material left behind by moving glaciers, and has no vegetation. 

  • The researchers have asked that the island be named ‘Qeqertaq Avannarleq’, which is Greenlandic for “the northernmost island.


Climate change in Arctic

The recently discovered island is not a direct consequence of climate change. But climate change has resulted in melting of sea ice.



 It is not known how long that island would remain. It could also disappear when a powerful new storm hits.


Arctic council

  • The discovery is sure to create competition among Arctic nations for surrounding seabed, shipping routes and fishing rights exposed by melting ice due to climate change.

  • Arctic council is an intergovernmental forum promoting cooperation, and coordination among the Arctic States under the Ottawa declaration.

  • Member states are Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Russia, and the United States.