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Naming of tropical cyclone

Date: 24 May 2021 Tags: Geography & Environment


The cyclone Tauktae has recently subsided after causing havoc in several southern and western states of India.



Every cyclone has a unique name that is picked from a list of suggestions given collectively by the countries of the region.



  • The Tauktae cyclone was a name suggested by the Myanmar. It means a vocal gecko in local Burmese language.

  • A new cyclonic depression forming in Bay of Bengal will be named Yaas as and when it turns into a cyclonic storm. The name was suggested by Oman.


The naming history

  • A group of countries known as World Meteorological Organisation/United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific came together for naming cyclones in the region.

  • The members of the group include India, the Maldives, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka Oman, Pakistan and Thailand. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Yemen joined later.

  • Every country sends a suggestion to the group and the panel will decide to finalise the list of names that will be used to name the cyclone.


Importance of naming cyclones

  • The uses of numbers and technical names will be difficult for people to remember as compared to use of common name.

  • With a distinct name, it is easier to identify and maintain records for officials, journalists, scientific community etc.

  • When there are multiple cyclonic systems over a region, a name will help in better communicating with people and allow differentiation.



  • The proposed name should not be related to political individuals, religious belief, gender and cultures.

  • The name should not hurt sentiments of any groups

  • It should represent rudeness and cruelty

  • It should be short and easy to pronounce

  • It should not exceed eight letters

  • Voice over and pronunciation should be provided for the given name

  • The used names will not be used again in the same region