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July 2021 hottest month on record

Date: 18 August 2021 Tags: Climate Change


The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) report has said that the month of July 2021 was the hottest on Earth since 1880.



July month is usually the hottest month in the year. However, the month of 2021 was the hottest since the record keeping started.



Since 2015, the seven July months were the hottest months in recent times. There is also a belief that 2021 will be amongst the 10 hottest years on record.


Important points

  • The global land-only surface temperature was the highest July land-only surface temperature on record. It was 1.40 degrees Celsius above the 20th-century average.

  • The earlier records were held by July of 2017 and 2020. Higher than normal temperatures in northern hemisphere was the reason for increased global land surfaces.

  • The land surface temperatures in Asia for July was 1.61 degrees Celsius higher than average. Since 1910, this has been the highest July temperature in July.


Climate anomalies

  • The arctic sea ice levels declined by 18.8 per cent below the 1981-2010 average levels.

  • The sixth highest July temperature was recorded in North America.

  • Major parts of South America saw temperatures above the normal. The July of 2021 was 10th warmest July.

  • Europe saw the second highest temperature July in 2021. The temperatures rose to 40 degree in many places due to the heatwave.

  • The fourth warmest July on record was observed in Australia. Major parts of the continent are already facing heatwaves.


What does this indicate?

  • About 14 percent of global population may be vulnerable to heatwave if global temperatures increase by 1.5 degree Celsius.

  • More than 37 percent of population may get exposed to high temperature extremities if global temperatures rise by 2 degrees Celsius.

  • Heatwaves and global temperature rise is already creating havoc in form of wildfires in many parts of the world including Greece and Turkey. The intensity is particularly dangerous.