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Current Affairs

Hospital fires

Date: 05 May 2021 Tags: Disaster & Disaster Management


Since August more than 90 patients have died in separate incidents of hospital fires with most of them Covid patients.



  • Experts have blamed stressed infrastructure as the main culprit behind the increase in fire related incidents.

  • In past couple of weeks, the number of patients admitting in hospital is growing. To accommodate the growing number hospitals have been increasing their capacity.

  • There is increase in beds, staff and equipment to cater to the growing demand. However, the hospitals are not able to expand electrical wiring system.

  • Electrical wires carrying electricity for increasing number of medical equipments have put a load on their maximum capacity, causing it to heat.

  • Most of the incidents of fires occurred in ICU wards. This is because hospitals have increased the capacity without considering the effects on infrastructure.

  • In addition to ventilators, new machines such as oxygen concentrators and air conditioners are working continuously without a break or cooling period.

  • ICUs have increase in inflammable material such as sanitizers, vapours, oxygen gas, PPE kits etc, which can easily catch fire and spread.


Alternative plans

  • Instead of air conditioners, which cannot work 24 hours, air handling units (AHU) must be installed as they can work for more time without stress.

  • Cross ventilation must be performed in ICUs so that fumes can be given an outlet. This ventilation will prevent accumulation of poisonous gas and save lives.