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Current Affairs

Heat dome

Date: 03 July 2021 Tags: Climate Change


Parts of US and Canada are suffering from a historic heat-wave that has pushed the people to extreme, resulting in chaos.



The temperatures in several parts of the country have gone beyond the summer temperatures of some tropical countries such as India.



  • The reason for such record-breaking temperatures is a phenomenon known as “heat dome”, which is being currently experienced.

  • Heat-wave is a condition of hot weather in which temperature rises and moisture dries out. The wind system stops and cloud cover gets eliminated.


Reasons for heat dome

  • The western part of the pacific saw its temperatures rise since past few decades. This has brought hot conditions in areas surrounding the coast.

  • This variation in temperature from east to west of pacific causes the heat to be trapped at a single area due to high pressure conditions.

  • This area is self-sustaining and prevents external winds and clouds formation. The air gets drier and temperature rises.


Threat of heat-wave

  • Heat waves can cause health problems such as stroke, dehydration, sun-burn, rashes and other psychological illness.

  • Other problems include stress on electric supply, water availability and vulnerability of crops to fail. Wildfire incidents are also quite common.


Role of global warming

  • There are no clear-cut evidences on role of global warming on such conditions but they have intensified since global temperatures increased.

  • Global warming has affected the global weather pattern including wind system and rainfall. Such extremities may have played a role in these events.