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Current Affairs

Climate change responsible for record sea temperature levels

Date: 06 October 2020 Tags: Climate Change


Researchers have found that global warming is driving an unprecedented rise in sea temperatures, including in the Mediterranean Sea.



Data from the European Union's (EU) Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS) will increase concerns about the threat to the world's seas and oceans from climate change.



  • The Ocean State Report revealed an overall trend globally of surface warming based on evidence from 1993 to 2018, with the largest rise in the Arctic Ocean.

  • European seas have experienced record high temperatures in 2018, a phenomenon which the researchers attribute to extreme weather conditions, a marine heat-wave lasting several months.

  • A large mass of warm water occurred in the northeast Pacific Ocean. This was similar to a marine heat-wave -- dubbed 'the Blob' -- which was first detected in 2013 and had devastating effects on marine life.

  • Scientists are calling for improved monitoring to provide better data and knowledge. They argue this will help countries progress towards sustainable use of seas and oceans which are an essential source of food, energy, and other resources.

  • The report identified other major strains on the world's seas and oceans from climate change, including acidification caused by carbon dioxide uptake from the atmosphere, sea-level rise, loss of oxygen, and sea ice retreat.

  • Long-term evidence of global warming outlined in the report includes a decrease over 30 years of up to two days in the period of Baltic Sea ice cover and an acceleration in the global mean sea-level rise.