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Current Affairs

China’s plans on Covid-19 line on Mt Everest

Date: 12 May 2021 Tags: Geography & Environment


China will be implementing a “line of separation” at the top of Mt Everest to prevent transmission of Covid-19 infection in climbers.



Nepal has seen its Covid-19 infection rates escalate. The infection has also reached the Mt Everest, forcing China to adopt the measure.



  • Mt Everest stands on the border between Nepal and China. It can be climbed from both sides. The two countries had jointly undertaken many missions.

  • Nepal has failed to prevent the pandemic from reaching the base camp of Everest whereas the situation in China has returned to normalcy.

  • The summer climbing season has not been suspended by Nepal. China has not allowed any foreign climbers to scale Everest since the pandemic.


Separating climbers

  • China will send some of its climbing guides to set up a separation at the summit. This looks unnecessary considering the area on the summit.

  • At a given time, only five to six members can stand at the summit. During busy hours, climbers get only a few minutes on top.

  • Contact between climbers is highly unlikely due to thick clothing, gloves and oxygen masks. So the process of “line of separation” looks frivolous.