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Current Affairs

Arctic’s ‘Last Ice Area’

Date: 07 July 2021 Tags: Climate Change


A part of an ice known as ‘Last Ice Area’ in Greenland has melted. This melting event was earlier than expected.



Global warming is threatening polar ice. Since the beginning of this century, polar regions have lost majority of its glacial ice, resulting in rise of sea levels.



  • The melted ice was believed to be strong enough to negate effects of global warming. This has created fears among scientific community.

  • The location of the ice has been witnessing low sea ice. The sea ice was also thinning considerably since last few years.

  • Previous studies had said that summer ice from Arctic would vanish by 2040. However, the area where it would still remain was identified as “Last Ice Area”.

  • The area is above Canada and part of Greenland. It was expected that it was strong enough to last longer due to its ability to avoid global warming.

  • The ice area was considered vital for animals living in surrounding areas. It was used by Polar bears to hunt seals and walruses.


Reasons for melting

  • The major reason was because of weather factors such as winds blowing ice away. Other reasons include thinning of ice over a long term.

  • The oceans were carrying more heat energy due to global warming events. It resulted in melting of floating ice. This is not universal as detail studies were not conducted.