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Zomato’s new ad campaign facing backlash

Date: 06 September 2021 Tags: Services


The new Zomato ad campaign involving actors Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif is facing backlash for its misleading content.



The “Har cutomer Hai Star’ campaign was launched to promote company’s policy of faster delivery and customer service.



Since the ad was aired on television and streaming platform, users have pointed out the unhealthy working conditions for delivery valets.


The campaign

  • The ad featuring Hrithik Roshan calls the delivery valet as ‘Jadoo’ in reference to the popular character from Koi Mil Gaya.

  • The ‘Jadoo’ reference is then highlighted to show dedication of the valet for giving best customer service even in rains.

  • Hrithik Roshan then offers to click a selfie with the valet and goes inside to fetch the phone. The valet then goes away without waiting as the time for next delivery arrives.

  • The ad summarizes the extent of customer loyalty possessed by the company with the tagline “every customer is a star”.

  • The ad featuring Katrina Kaif is also on similar lines except that the actress goes inside to bring cake for the delivery partner.


Reason for criticism

  • Users are expressing anguish for hiring big celebrities for the company’s ad campaign when delivery partners are paid meager salaries.

  • Delivery partners are working in a bad environment, where there is lack of job security, meager salary, poor treatment etc. The ad aims at whitewashing their suffering and presenting a rosy picture.

  • During the Zomato IPO, the suffering of delivery valets was highlighted. These valets are fighting for getting employee status and increase in salary.

  • There is also an opinion that if the company has such deep pockets to hire big-ticket celebrities, why is it not increasing the salary of delivery valets.


Zomatao’s response

Zomatao had to put out a social media post to justify their ad and explaining their point of view for running the campaign.