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Current Affairs

Par Tapi Narmada river-linking project

Date: 22 March 2022 Tags: Infrastructure


Tribals of Gujarat’s Valsad district are against the Centre’s Par Tapi Narmada river-linking project.



The Par Tapi Narmada link project was part of the 1980 National Perspective Plan under the Union Ministry of Irrigation and the Central Water Commission (CWC).



  • The aim of the project is to transfer river water from the surplus regions of the Western Ghats to the deficit regions of Saurashtra and Kutch.

  • The project will link the Par, Tapi and Narmada rivers flowing from neigbouring states into Gujarat.


Projects involved

It involves construction of:

  • Seven dams: Jheri, Chasmandva, Mohankavchali, Paikhed, Chikkar, Dabdar and Kelwan.

  • Three diversion weirs: Paikhed, Chasmandva, and Chikkar dams.

  • Two tunnels: 5.0 kilometers and 0.5 kilometers length

  • A 395-kilometre long canal: 205 kilometre in Par-Tapi portion and 190 km in Tapi-Narmada portion

  • Six powerhouses


Benefits associated

  • The excess water flowing in Par, Tapi and Narmada rivers during monsoons will be diverted to Saurashtra and Kutch for irrigation. 

  • The water supplied to Saurashtra through Sardar Sarovar Dam can be used for other purposes like urban use.

  • The project will also help in containing regular flood-like situations in the various rivers in Valsad, Navsari, Surat and Bharuch.



A MoU was signed between the centre, Gujarat and Maharashtra. Gujarat would have got benefits of the irrigation project.


Impact on villagers

  • About 6065 ha of land area will be submerged due to the reservoirs that will be constructed. More than 60 villages will be impacted.

  • Many families will have to be resettled as well as compensated. The livelihoods of people will be severely impacted.


Political implications

  • The protest meet has worried ruling party leaders as it will affect their prospects in the upcoming Gujarat assembly elections.

  • In the assembly of the state, 28 seats are reserved for Scheduled Tribes (ST). To retain power, it will have to win majority of them.


The rivers

  • Par: Originates from Nashik in Maharashtra and flows through Valsad,

  • Tapi: Originates from Saputara and flows through Maharashtra and Surat in Gujarat

  • Narmada:  Originates in Madhya Pradesh and flows through Maharashtra and Gujarat (Narmada and Bharuch).