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Current Affairs

Naming new Mumbai airport after Bal Thackeray

Date: 11 August 2021 Tags: Infrastructure


Thane, Navi Mumbai, Raigad and Palghar are witnessing massive protests against naming of Navi Mumbai airport after Shiv Sena founder Bal Thackeray.



A new airport in Navi Mumbai will be constructed to de-congest the existing Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport.



  • The protestors are demanding that the airport be named after a local hero, DB Patil. Villagers argue that the proposal of renaming after Patil was known to the government.

  • The local permission for constructing the greenfield airport was given after a compromise on renaming the airport after Patil was reached. The sudden change in stance without consultations is being alarming.

  • The protestors have formed an organization known as Navi Mumbai Airport All Party Action Committee. They have threatened to stall the work if the renaming is not done.


DB Patil

  • Dinkar Balu Patil was a peasant leader born in Raigad district. He was elected as MLA from the Panvel constituency five times between 1957 and 1980. .

  • Patil was also member of the Parliament representing Kolaba constituency in 1977 and 1984. He was also the member of Legislative council.



  • Patil has led farmer protests against the state government’s action to acquire land under CIDCO. The protest led to introduction of 12.5 per cent developed land scheme for local farmers.

  • Patil also fought against acquisition of village lands for JNPT. He had shown massive opposition when emergency was imposed in 1975.



  • Villagers argue that Patil had dedicated his whole life for the welfare of landowning villagers, farmers and backward classes.

  • Balasaheb Thackeray is already honoured by renaming the Sammrudhi Highway after him. It is time that Patil’s contribution is remembered.


The Navi Mumbai airport

  • The Navi Mumbai airport is one of the biggest greenfield airports of India. It will currently come up in Panvel to de-congest the existing airport.

  • The airport was to be finished by 2019 but failed to meet the deadline owing to delays. It will bring development to the region and allow the city to expand.