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Current Affairs

DAP shortage

Date: 26 October 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


The state of Haryana is witnessing acute shortage of di-ammonium phosphate (DAP). Farmers have resorted to stone pelting and blocking roads.



The state government has denied the shortage but has started disbursing fertilizers from police station.



  • DAP is a nutrient for Rabi crops and has to be sprinkled during the sowing of crops such as wheat and mustard.

  • Delay in availability will adversely affect the sowing and yield from the crop. Lack of supply has been making farmers impatient.

  • For sowing crops in an acre of land, famers need approximately 45 kg of DAP fertilizer. This issue has already created panic among mustard growers.


Reasons for the shortage

  • The rise in global prices of DAP has created the current shortage. Farmer groups allege mismanagement on the part of the government.

  • The central government has imported DAP very late, creating shortage. India has no option but to import DAP as there are no domestic manufacturers.


The law and order situation

  • As the rumors of shortage spread, farmers were seen standing in long queues to get hold of their share for current as well as next cycle.

  • Taking advantage of situation, large black-marketing of fertilizers has been taking place in neighbouring states of Punjab and Haryana.

  • The government is giving fertilizer only after verifying Aadhar card details and land records. This has resulted in long queues.

  • There are incidents of arson and looting by several farmers who illegally took hold of 100 bags of fertilizers from a private dealer.


Way ahead

  • The Haryana government has assured that there is sufficient quantity of fertilizer available for farmers.

  • It has promised to bring additional quantities of the fertilizer to handle excessive demand from farmers of the state.