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Angadia system

Date: 12 March 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


Recently, FIRs were registered against Mumbai police officials for allegedly threatening Angadias and extorting money.



  • Angadia stands for courier. It is a parallel banking system that has been in existence since centuries for sending cash from one place to another.

  • They are responsible for transferring cash safely from one person to another. They charge a nominal fee for their service.

  • They are most popular in the jewellery business and diamond trade. The Mumbai-Surat is the most used Angadia route.

  • The communities involved in Angadia profession are the Gujarati, Marwari and Malbari. It is usually an ancestral profession.


Working of the system

  • The system is based on the foundation of trust as money in crores is involved. Traders employ the services of same Angadia for decades on the basis of trust.

  • To ensure that transaction is verified, the trader gives a ten rupee note to the Angadia and tells the serial number of the note to his counterpart for verification.

  • The process has been systemized through use of same transport and timing for delivering the payments.


Legality of method

  • There are no grounds for doubting its legality but it is alleged that the system is used for transferring illegal money. 

  • The money is unaccounted and is usually black money that forms a part of hawala transactions.


Targeting Angadias

  • Angadias are easy targets for robbers as they do not carry any weapons or security measure. In addition, they have access to large cash.

  • The routes and timings of travel by Angadias are watched so that they can be looted. In addition, disposing cash is easier compared to selling jewels.

  • Police officials have knowledge of the money they carry and they extort them by threatening legal actions if the money is for hawala operations.