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Current Affairs

Vulnerability of internet

Date: 11 June 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


A large number of popular websites became offline after a glitch in the service of an internet company that speeds internet access.



The Fastly company provides cloud storage and access facility to major websites. It was unable to work properly due to certain issues.



  • The incident was a minor one and was resolved quickly but the questions remained on the vulnerability of internet.

  • The Fastly company gives edge server computational services to websites across different spectrum.

  • The company uses a technology known as Content Delivery Network that stores information such as pictures and videos in servers across different countries.

  • Some of its customers are also major news sites that use its service to provide breaking news to the public by reducing time to access the content by half.



  • Such outages are very rare and companies dedicate lots of efforts and resources to reduce such issues and recover very fast.

  • The security is also very high and can prevent Denial-of-service attacks. If such issues continue, clients can migrate to alternatives such as Cloudflare or Akamai.


Reasons for outages

The reason for such temporary failures can be many issues such as natural disaster, fire incidents or equipment failure.


Solutions to the threat

Instead of relying completely on internet, some essential services can be stored locally on the device. This includes contacts, pictures and music.