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Current Affairs

Strategic importance of bridge on Pangong Tso

Date: 24 January 2022 Tags: Security Threats


China has been indulged in construction of a bridge across the contentious Pangong Tso lake in eastern Ladakh.



India and China were involved in a standoff on the shores of the lake. Currently, the faceoff is taking place between armies of the two countries.



  • The bridge is about 400 m long and 8 m wide and is near the friction points of north banks and the Chushul sub-sector on the south bank of the lake.

  • The bridge lies east of the finger 8 on the lake bank. India claims finger 8 as the LAC and the proposed lake lies within its perceived territory, but currently controlled by China since 1958.

  • The site is nearby Khurnak Fort, which China considers part of its Rutong County. China maintains a frontier defence company at Khurnak Fort.


Importance of area

  • The lake banks were among the most sensitive friction points, especially finger 4. Both the countries had assembled troops and tanks.

  • India outmaneuvered China to occupy heights of Kailash range, especially Magar hill and Gurung hill, which allowed it to monitor Spanggur gap.


Importance of bridge

It will allow greater mobilization of troops on both sides of the lake bank. The troops will be saved the time to traverse the treacherous routes along the lake.


India’s response

  • India has been rapidly building roads and bridges to connect forward areas. This will allow faster movement of troops and equipments.

  • India is making efforts to improve surveillance along the border, along with building new airstrips and landing areas.