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Current Affairs

PLA terrorist group

Date: 16 November 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


A commanding officer of Assam Rifles was martyred in a deadly terrorist attacks carried out by the People’s Liberation Army and the Manipur Naga People’s Front in Manipur.



This is the largest attacks on security forced by the insurgent groups of northeast since the 2015 attack on Dogra Rifles.



  • The PLA was formed by N. Bisheshwar in 1978 after breaking away from United National Liberation Front.

  • The Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF), political wing of PLA was set up in 1979. The PLA was fighting for secession of Manipur from India. 

  • The PLA has asked Naga tribes such as Kuki to join the movement but till now it is dominated by Imphal valley based Meitei community.

  • The PLA has strong Marxist ideology and has campaigned against drugs and alcohol usage through violent measures.

  • Similar to other Manipuri insurgents, the PLA also has no ceasefire agreement with Indian state, forcing it to operate from camps in Myanmar.


Significance of attack location

  • The attack has taken place in Churachandpur area, which is peaceful compared to other districts. The PLA doesn’t have support base in this area.

  • The area of attack comes under the influence of Zomi Revolutionary Army, a powerful insurgent group. There is no clarity about the ability of PLA to carry out attacks in another area.


Effects of political turmoil in Myanmar

After the military coup, the security in Myanmar has worsened. The insurgent groups have become active and pushed towards Indian borders.


Insurgency in Manipur

  • There are six main groups operating out of valley in Manipur. These groups have their camps in Myanmar and raise funds through extortion.

  • They attack security personnel using guerilla tactics in hilly and forested terrain. They have been dormant for the past 5-6 years but this incident shows they are not yet done.


Reasons for reduction in insurgency

  • Strong deployment of security personnel has reduced their activities in recent past. Their recruitments have come to stand-still.

  • After the civilian government came to power in Myanmar, cooperation has increased. India has been putting efforts to eliminate safe havens in Myanmar.