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Current Affairs

No-Fly zone

Date: 10 March 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


President of Ukraine has asked NATO to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine to limit attacks from Russian warplanes.



Russia has invaded Ukraine in order to realize its geopolitical ambitions in Europe.



  • NATO has rejected the request of no-fly zone saying that such move would drag the alliance directly into the war against Russia.

  • The United States has categorically stated that they will not be directly involved in a conflict with Russia.

  • No-fly zones are restrictions imposed to stop a country from using warplanes to attack military targets or civilians on the ground.



  • If declared, NATO will be responsible for patrolling the area with its airplanes and would need to fire at enemy to ensure the safety of civilians on the ground.

  • The grouping would have to incapacitate air defense network of adversary, including air communication and radars.

  • NATO would have to deploy refueling tankers and electronic-surveillance aircraft to support the mission. 

  • It would drag US into another unwanted full-fledged war, straining its resources and attracting criticism from American public.


Reasons for rejection

  • Accepting request by Ukraine would require NATO to take over the air war that Ukraine is currently waging against Russian attacks.

  • Creation of no-fly zone above Ukraine would be viewed as "participation" in the conflict. A nuclear war would be likely.


Recent moves of no-fly zone

Lastly, the no-fly zone was imposed over Iraq during the Gulf War. It was also imposed over Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Balkans conflict.