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Current Affairs

National Cyber Security strategy (NCSS) 2020

Date: 19 February 2020 Tags: Defence & Security


The draft of National Cyber Security Strategy 2020, that envisages creating a secure cyberspace in India, is ready and will soon be sent to key ministries for comments before seeking the Cabinet approval.



The vision of the strategy is to ensure a safe, secure, resilient, trusted and vibrant cyberspace for India’s prosperity.



  • The National Cyber Security Strategy 2020 is being prepared to fill the gaps and meet the target envisaged in National Cyber Security Policy 2020.

  • India is actively walking towards a National Cyber Security Policy which is imperative for the goal of a USD 5 trillion economy.

Need for NCSS 2020

  • India was one of the first few countries to propound a futuristic National Cyber Security Policy 2013(NCSP 2013). Since the adoption of NCSP 2013, the technologies, platforms, threats, services and aspirations have changed tremendously. 

  • However, Cyber intrusions and attacks have increased in scope and sophistication targeting sensitive personal and business data, and critical information infrastructure, with impact on national economy and security.

  • Threats from organised cybercriminal groups, technological cold wars, and increasing state sponsored cyber-attacks have also emerged. Further, existing structures may need to be revamped or revitalised. Thus, a need exists for the formulation of a National Cyber Security Strategy 2020.

Pillars of Strategy
      a. Secure (The National Cyberspace)
      b. Strengthen (Structures, People, Processes, Capabilities)
      c. Synergise (Resources including Cooperation and Collaboration)