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Current Affairs

Indian Coast Guard, Assam Rifles sign Affiliation Charter

Date: 23 May 2019 Tags: Defence & Security

Assam Rifles and Indian Coast Guard (ICG) have signed an Affiliation Charter in effort to enhance inter armed forces cooperation and utilise each other’s assets for training and sports. It was signed  between 3rd (Naga Hills) Battalion of Assam Rifles and Indian Coast Guard Ship ‘Shaurya’.

Affiliation Charter

Its objective is to promote bilateral cooperation between Assam Rifles and ICG in field of exchange of information/personnel, build-up camaraderie for training, sports/adventure and sustainable development. It also seeks to facilitate ‘Sentinels of the North East’ to interact with ‘Sentinels of the Seas’ on professional and social platforms and share rich experiences and best practices.

Benefits: It will be greatly benefit both forces by motivating one another towards common goals. It will enable Assam Rifles personnel to understand peculiarities of Maritime Service (Indian Coast Guard) and their role in guarding and intercepting anti-national forces and non state actors detrimental to maritime/coastal security.  Similarly, it will enable ICG personnel to see and understand operational ethos of the Assam Rifles working along the Indo-Myanmar border.

Assam Rifles

It is the oldest Para Military Force of India. It is under administrative control of Union Home Ministry, but is in operational control of Indian Army. It has total 46 Battalions manning Indo-Myanmar border and countering insurgency in the north eastern states.

3rd (Naga Hills) Battalion of Assam Rifles is the oldest battalion. It was raised in 1835 as ‘The Cachar Levy’ comprising of 750 personnel of all ranks for guarding Eastern Frontier of Assam from Brahmaputra river to Cachar Hills. It had bravely fought Japanese in World War-II at Kohima, Nagaland and stopped their advance into India.


It is one of the youngest Armed Force under Ministry of Defence. It has total 142 ships & 62 aircraft. ICG Ship ‘Shaurya’ is indigenously built at Goa Shipyard Limited.  It is a modern state-of-the-art 105 mtrs long Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) commissioned on August 2017. It is based in Chennai. It is extensively used for EEZ surveillance and other duties as enshrined in IGC charter to safeguard the maritime interests of India.