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Full ship shock trials

Date: 25 June 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


A ‘full ship shock trial’ was conducted by the US Navy with its new aircraft carrier, USS Gerald R Ford, by detonating explosives near the ship.



The USS Gerald R Ford is the latest nuclear-powered aircraft carrier that is currently undergoing rigorous trials at sea.



  • The Navy used 18 tonne explosives to create an artificial earthquake of 3.9 magnitude to check if the ship can withstand battle conditions.

  • The US Navy has been working to prevent their ship from getting affected due to shockwaves near the ships.

  • These were necessitated after incidents in World War 2 where US suffered heavy casualties due to blasts that had actually missed the target.


The process of Full Ship Shock Trial (FSST)

  • In the method, large amount of explosives are blasted at the close proximity of battle ship to check for equipment and system failures.

  • The test will also be a method to identify the problems in war like situation and making ships ready for challenges.

  • These tests are particularly focused on new range of ships exclusively designed for protecting against shock waves, such as Gerald R Ford.

  • The recent test was the first test to be carried out in 34 years, with the last one conducted on USS Theodore Roosevelt in 1987.

  • The ship is expected to undergo two more similar tests to ascertain its strength and durability during war time.

  • Based on the result, new instruments will be added and existing ones replaced with modern ones, prior to the deployment.