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Current Affairs

Fall of Kabul for Delhi

Date: 17 August 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


The much feared event of Taliban entering Kabul took place. Kabul was the last fortress standing and signals the fall of Afghan government.



Taliban had already made clear its intention of capturing back power once US departs the country. The takeover by Taliban was expected sooner or later.



  • With the completion of take-over of Afghanistan, Taliban have demanded peaceful transition of power from the current administration.

  • Taliban has denied any witch-hunt and instead is focusing on coming back to power after 20 years since US ousted them.

  • It is expected that India will be the first responder to the humanitarian crisis that is expected to arise. India has a high stake in peaceful Afghanistan.


The current situation

  • The first hand report showed that there was no blood-shed in the city as there was no resistance. But a big chaos took place as people tried escaping the city.

  • Lakhs of people are fleeing the city to neighbouring countries. The internal displacement rate will be high.

  • Many citizens are applying for Visas and permits to leave the country. Many people have applied for Indian visas.

  • The biggest loser will be youth and women, who had never experienced an oppressive environment and were enjoying civil liberties and human right opportunities.


The fear

  • It is surprising how the 3 to 3.5 lakh strong US-trained Afghan army fled without resistance. Except Herat and Lashkargah there was no fight-back.

  • The failure against a scarcely equipped 60,000 men of Taliban speaks Volume of incapacity of the US-backed security up gradation process.

  • The mismanagement and corruption in key areas of the government especially Ministry of Defence was a reason for the failure.