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Current Affairs

DRDO successfully conducts summer trials of NAG ATGM

Date: 20 July 2019 Tags: Defence & Security

Defence Research Development Oragnisation (DRDO) successfully test-fired Nag Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) multiple times at Pokhran Field Firing ranges in Rajasthan. It was summer user trials of NAG missile in which it was test-fired around 12 times during 11-day period. During test all missiles met mission objectives including minimum and maximum ranges, direct attack as well as top attack modes and achieved a direct hit onto the target.

About Nag Missile

  • It is third generation anti-tank guided missile (ATGM).
  • It is one of five missile systems indigenously developed by DRDO under integrated guided missile development programme (IGMDP). The other four missiles are Agni, Akash, Prithvi and Trishul.
  • Features: It works on “fire and forget” principle. It has operational range of 7-10km (when air-launched) and 500m to 4km (land version). It also possesses advanced passive homing guidance system.
  • It is equipped with advanced Imaging Infrared Radar (IRR) seeker along with integrated avionics. This technology is being possessed by very few countries.
  • It has been designed mainly to destroy modern main battle tanks and other heavily armoured targets in all weather conditions with day and night capabilities.
  • It is launched from the NAG missile carrier (NAMICA) which is capable of carrying up to six combat missiles. It can also be launched from land and air-based platforms.
  • Its successful induction into Indian Army is expected to give quantum boost to Army's capability against enemy armour.