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Current Affairs

Chief of Defence staff

Date: 16 August 2019 Tags: Policy



Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced the creation of the post of Chief of Defence Staff during his speech on the occasion of Independence Day.



  • As the wars have tended to become short and precise, an individual of high caliber is required who will specialize in functions of all the three wings of Armed forces
  • The individual will act and an interface between administrative and defence section of our establishment.

Functions of Chief of Defence Staff

  • Coordinate long-term planning, procurements, training and logistics of the three services
  • As the stress on resources increases and defence budgets remain flat, the way forward is optimization of resources by joint planning and training.

Current structure

India has a position known as the Chairman, Chiefs of Staff Committee (CoSC); but its appointment is mostly nominal and does not have significant power. The senior most among the three Service Chiefs is appointed to head the CoSC and the position lapses after retirement of the incumbent.