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Current Affairs

BRO celebrates its 59th Raising Day

Date: 08 May 2019 Tags: Defence & Security

The 59th Raising Day of India’s nodal road construction agency Border Roads Organisation (BRO) was observed on May 7, 2019.

Border Roads Organisation

  • It was established on 7 May 2019 as a nodal road construction agency with objective of developing means of communication to remote areas of north and north-east.
  • Mandate: It is entrusted with development and maintenance of roads in border areas. It also creates up-grades and maintains critical infrastructure along borders to meet India’s overall tactical and strategic goals.
  • Foreign Countries: It has also helped to build roads in neighbouring countries such as Afghanistan, Bhutan, Myanmmar and Tajikistan.
  • Parent Organisation: It came under the control Ministry of Defence in 2015 (earlier it was under Ministry of Home Affairs).
  • Employees: It is staffed by officers and troops drawn from Indian Army’s Corps of Engineers, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Army Service Corps, Military Police and army personnel on extra regimental employment.
  • Engineering Service and personnel from General Reserve Engineer Force (GREF) forms the parent cadre of BRO.
  • Current Work: It operates and maintains over 32,885 kilometres of roads and about 12,200 meters of permanent bridges across the country.