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Current Affairs

BOLD–QIT project inaugurated along international border in Dhubri, Assam

Date: 05 March 2019 Tags: Defence & Security

BOLD-QIT (Border Electronically Dominated QRT Interception Technique) project was recently inaugurated India-Bangladesh border in Dhubri District, Assam. The project has been implemented by Information and Technology Wing of Border Security Force (BSF) under Comprehensive Integrated Border Management system (CIBMS).


  • BSF is responsible for safeguarding of 4,096 km long International Border with Bangladesh (longest land border shared by India).  
  • Due to geographical barrier such as riverine stretch and hilly terrain at various places on border, it is not possible to erect border fence.
  • 61 Kms of Border area in Dhubri (where Brahmaputra River enters into Bangladesh) consists vast char lands and innumerable river channels.
  • This makes border guarding in this area daunting task especially during rainy season.
  • To overcome this, Home Ministry has launched CIBMS to deploying technologies/ solutions for improved border surveillance, especially in challenging areas where fencing is not possible.
  • CIBMS is form of integration and deployment of radars, senors, cameras, communication networks and control solutions.

BOLD-QIT Project

  • Under it, technical systems are installed which enables BSF to equip Indo-Bangla borders with different kind of sensors in unfenced riverine area of Brahmaputra and its tributaries.
  • These sensors are connected to data network (Microwave communication, OFC Cables, DMR Communication) along with day and night surveillance cameras and intrusion detection system.
  • The network provides feeds to BSF Control Rooms on Border and enable BSF Quick Reaction Teams to thwart any possibility of illegal Cross Border Crossing/ Crimes.
  • Significance: It will provide technological solution besides physical presence of manpower of BSF.
  • Its implementation now has covered entire span of River Brahmaputra.
  • It will help BSF to curb all type of cross border crimes and provide respite to the troops from round the clock human surveillance.