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Current Affairs

Australia’s online safety bill

Date: 25 January 2022 Tags: Security Threats


Australia’s Online Safety Act has come into effect. The law was passed in July 2021 and allows adults to report cases of online bullying in the country.



  • The eSafety commissioner has powers to order social media websites to take down content related to bullying against Australian adults within 24 hours.

  • Failure of conforming to the order can lead to heavy fines up to $555,000. The issue of is bullying is more detailed than current cyber laws in the country. 

  • The removal of bullying content from online site has been shortened to 24 hours from the present 48 hours. The law is especially made for adults.


The act

  • The eSafety commissioner will be responsible for implementing the act to promote the online safety of Australians.

  • The commissioner will be required to supervise the complaints and objections regarding sharing intimate images without consent.

  • After a complaint is registered, a removal notice would also be sent to the hosting service provider or the person who had posted the cyber-bullying content.

  • A similar process will be followed for non-consensual posting of intimate pictures. They will be liable for penalty if not adhered.

  • The commissioner can send a link-deletion notice to search engines to stop providing links to certain material.



  • Firstly, individuals have to report on the social media app they are being bullied or abused. Next, a complaint with the police should be filed.

  • The issue can be reported to the eSafety commissioner if the content is not removed. They will provide notice for removing the content.


The online trolling bill

  • The proposed bill would allow the government to hold social media companies responsible for the trolling comments and content posted on their website.

  • Social media organization would be asked to unveil the identity of the trolls, failing of which would attract penalty.