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Current Affairs

Australia’s Defence Space Command

Date: 28 March 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


A new Defence Space Command Agency has been announced by Australia to counter growing influence of China and Russia in Space.



The agency was set up in January 2022. It has begun functioning from this month.



  • The agency aims to preserve Australia’s interests in space by keeping it a shared resource rather than a territory of individual countries.

  • The agency also requested allies of Australia to push for a safe, stable and secure space domain.


Functions of the agency

  • The agency will bring together the members of Australian army, Navy, Air Force and public service under an integrated headquarters.

  • The agency will work towards ensuring space-specific priorities within the government, industry, allies and even international partners.

  • The agency will provide Australian public training to become space specialists, help in conducting strategic space planning, and take part in the refinement of space policy.

  • It will work towards creating efficient space architecture by setting scientific and space priorities.

  • Design, construction and maintenance of the agency will be within the purview of the standards and limitations of the Defence Ministry.



  • Australian government will invest a total of AUD 7 billion over the next 10 years for Australian Defence Force to become a contributor to space.

  • Investments will be made to upgrade existing and future satellite communications systems, including communications satellites and ground control stations.


US space command

  • The US is one of the countries with specialised space command. It was set up as a specialized and separate entity in 2018 to handle all space related issues.

  • Known as USSPACECOM, it is responsible for military operations in outer space, specifically all operations 100 kilometers above mean sea level.

  • Combined Force Space Component Command (CFSCC), and Joint Task Force Space Defense (JTF-SD) are the two subordinate commands under USSPACECOM.