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Army endurance test

Date: 31 August 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Heat stroke symptoms were responsible for the death of one soldier and hospitalization of others during the Corps Level Recce Troop Competition.



The Corps Level Recce Troop Competition was organized at Mamum Military Station near Pathankot by the Army.



  • The mechanized as well as armoured units of the Corps took part in the recce troop competition organized by the station.

  • Recce troop is a sub unit of Army’s 9 Corps, and is a part of every armoured and mechanised unit. 

  • The competition was organized to check the fitness levels and skills of soldiers who make up the Recce troops in mechanised infantry battalion as well as armoured regiment.


Recce troop

  • Reconnaissance or recce troop is a section level sub unit that comprises approximately one officer and 30 jawans.

  • They will act as the eyes and ears of the unit. They are supposed to operate ahead of the main unit and keep an eye on the activities of the enemy. 

  • To keep a tab on the enemy forces in the area, they are equipped with light four-wheeled vehicles and other special equipments.

  • The soldiers that make up the Recce troops operate in highly adverse conditions and are considered to be among the best in the unit.


Recce troops competition

It is an inter-unit face-off where the recce troops of the respective units compete against each other to test their skills.


Tasks involved

Mapping a certain area, locating and identifying enemy resources, marking a helipad in advanced location, ability to read the signboards written in the enemy’s native language, physical endurance and negotiating to pre-identified points on a map’s grid location are some of the tasks.


Weather instructions

  • The instructions regarding the climate and terrain are based on from the command. The Director General of Medical Services issues the advice.

  • The instructions are followed to the maximum extent whenever physical training activities are undertaken. 

  • Undertaking such exercises under expert supervision and taking care of heat, humidity etc is also covered under the instructions.