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Using CT scan on Egyptian mummy

Date: 29 June 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


A 3,000 year old mummy was recently made to undergo CT scan at hospital in Italy as part of a research project.



  • The mummy was housed at Civic Archaeological Museum of Bergamo and was studied in Milan. It belongs to an ancient Egyptian priest known as Ankhekhonsu.

  • The sarcophagus of the mummy was dated between 900 and 800 BC. The name Ankhekhonsu was inscribed on the sarcophagus five times.

  • The scientists are confident of reconstructing life and death of the deceased individual by studying body structure.

  • The study will also shed light on the types of chemical compounds that were used in mummification of the body.

  • The wounds, diseases and other ailments can be recognised through CT scan. It will help in constructing the lifestyle of people living during those times. The pathogens and parasites can also be identified.



  • Mummies are ancient preserved specimens of dead humans. The internal organs and tissues are preserved through exposure to certain chemicals.

  • The process of mummification is part of several ancient cultures. Majority of such mummies have been found in Egypt.

  • Mummies provide a valuable insight into the life and death of people living in that era. It will reveal the environment and also culture associated with life.