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Date: 04 November 2019 Tags: Personalities


A tweet from the BJP’s Tamil Nadu unit with a picture of Tamil poet and philosopher Thiruvalluvar wearing a saffron shawl has drawn criticism from Dravidian groups, who have accused the BJP of trying to “saffronise” the saint.



Thiruvalluvar is considered as an icon of Tamil identity, with his teachings finding place in all Dravidian parties. The Step by BJP is considered as an attempt to associate itself with the local idealogy.




  • Thiruvalluvar, commonly known as Valluvar, was a celebrated Tamil poet and philosopher.

  • He is best known as the author of Thirukku?a?, a collection of couplets on ethics, political and economical matters, and love. The text is considered an exceptional and widely cherished work of the Tamil literature.

  • Valluvar is believed to have lived in Madurai and later in the town of Mayilapuram or Thirumayilai (present-day Mylapore in Chennai) although there is no real proof.

  • Valluvar is generally thought to have belonged to either Jainism or Hinduism. However almost every religious group in India, including Christianity, has claimed the work and its author as one of their own.



Tirukkural is the primary work credited to Thiruvalluvar. It contains 1330 couplets, which are divided into 133 sections of 10 couplets each.Tirukkural is a classic Tamil sangam literature consisting of Kurals.The book is also called as the fifth Veda or ‘Bible of the Tamil Land’.