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Rudreshwara temple and its UNESCO tag

Date: 28 July 2021 Tags: Architecture


The Rudreshwara temple, also known as Ramappa temple, of Telangana was included in the UNESCO heritage list.



The World Heritage Committee of UNESCO made its announcement to include the sole nominee from India in the list.



  • The Rudreshwara temple is located in Palampet in Warangal district of Telangana. It is a 13th century temple, making it more than 800 years old.

  • The temple was built during the tenure of Kakatiya ruler Ganapati Deva. It was built by his general Recherla Rudra Reddy.

  • There are several temples in the complex. The Ramappa temple is the largest among them and worships lord Shiva.

  • The chief sculptor of the temple was Ramappa, who worked on it for 40 years. It is the only temple in the country named after the sculptor.


Unique features

  • The temple is built using light-weight porous bricks that can even float in water. The sculptures are carved on the dolerite stone.

  • The temple stands on a 6 ft star-shaped platform. The lower part of the temple is built with the ‘sandbox technique’.


The list

  • The temple was in the tentative list since 2014. It was India’s sole nomination for UNESCO heritage list for the year 2019.

  • The tentative list is only an inventory of sites that a country believes should be on the UNESCO list.  A nomination document will have to be submitted by the country that will be used to consider.


Kakatiya dynasty

  • The Kakatiya dynasty began as feudatories to the Rashtrakutas. Their capital was Warangal. Kakatiyas were known for undertaking irrigation works and were patrons of sculpture and the fine arts. 

  • Pratapa Rudra, Ganapati Deva, and Rudrama Devi were the notable rulers of the dynasty that ruled central India.