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Panj Piare

Date: 04 September 2021 Tags: Religions


Harish Rawat’s comparison of PCC chief Navjot Singh Sidhu and his four advisors to Panj Piare has attracted backlash, resulting in him apologising.



Harish Rawat, the former chief Minister of Uttarakhand, had said that Sidhu and his team represented ‘Panj Piare’ in a remark.



  • After getting criticism from all quarters, Rawat not only apologised for his remarks but also promised to sweep the premises of a Gurudwara as a mark of penance.

  • The concept of ‘Panj Piare’ was founded by 10th Sikh Guru Gobind Singh. It was a group of five baptised people.

  • While establishing Khalsa, Guru Gobind Singh asked five men to come forward and sacrifice themselves. This incident took place in 1699 during Baisakhi.

  • The men who came forward were baptised by the guru and named as ‘Panj Piare’. Every sikh group of 5 baptised men are called ‘Panj Piare’ and are given high respect.


The first Panj Piare

  • They belonged to different castes and states of India. Bhai Daya Ram from Lahore, Bhai Dharam Rai from Hastinapur, Bhai Himmat Rai from Jagannath, Bhai Mohkam Rai from Gujarat and Bhai Sahib Chand from Karnataka.

  • They were made to drink Amrit and suffixed Singh to their names. Guru Gobind Singh himself got baptized from the Panj Piare.


Establishing Panj Piare

  • They have taken many important decisions in the history of Sikh religion. They were highly respected and their orders were treated with respect.

  • During a Mughal raid on Khalsa army, Guru Gobind Singh refused to escape. The Khalsa ordered the Guru to leave and the Guru was duty-bound to follow their command.


Becoming Panj Piare

Any Sikh who is baptized can become Panj Piare. Their decision has to be followed by all community members. Any decision taken has to be signed by the five jathedars of five Takhts.