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Modi Script on verge of extinction

Date: 06 May 2019 Tags: Literature

According to recent study, the cursive Modi script formerly used to write Marathi in addition to Devanagari is now on the verge of extinction. This script was once an essential part of Marathi literary culture. Currently it is still used on very limited scale for personal correspondence and efforts are underway to preserve knowledge of script before the last generation of its frequent users dies.

Modi script

  • It is script used to write the Marathi language, the state language of Maharashtra. It is also known as Mudiya.
  • The word modi is derived from Marathi verb modne which means to break. Thus, Modi literally means ‘broken (script).
  • This reference is to its flowing form, with its rounded, looping strokes, all features that lent themselves well to the script’s swift reproduction by scribes on paper.
  • It had emerged in 1400s as shorthand variant of Devanagari srcipt used by scribes. It shares number of features with, and is visually similar to, that script.
  • It is unique for its cursive feature which allows writer to move from one character to next in continuous form, thus miminising lifting the pen from paper for dipping in ink.
  • It was used until 1950s for writing Marathi. Now, Balbodh style of Devnagari is main script used to write Marathi.