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Malabar rebellion of 1921

Date: 23 August 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


BJP leader Ram Madhav has said that Moplah rebellion was the first instance of Indians falling prey to Talibani mindset.



The centenary of the Moplah rebellion will take place on August 20. The rebellion started in the years 1921 in Malabar region of Kerala.



  • The rebellion was the first instance of Muslim rebellion against British rulers of the area and also Hindu landlords.

  • The rebellion continued for several months after starting on August 20. It was marked by several bloody events that led to loss of about 10,000 lives.


The revolt

  • The revolt has been dubbed as the earliest uprising in south India. The nature of the revolt was peasantry. The government of Kerala had declared participation in Moplah revolt as freedom participation in 1971.

  • The majority of the events took place in the northern districts of Kerala, especially Malappuram. It initially started as a part of Khilafat movement.



  • Many consider the revolt as a religious event, marked by atrocities by Muslims against non-Muslims of the region.

  • The riots led to death of thousands of Hindus of Malabar. Many Hindus were forced to convert to Islam to escape atrocities.

  • BJP says that, many temples were destroyed and looted. It accuses Congress of glorifying the massacre as a freedom movement.

  • Recently, a film was announced on Moplah rebellion leader Variyamkunnath Kunjahammed Haji. BJP had at the time opposed at whitewashing history.