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Chinese New Year

Date: 02 February 2022 Tags: Festivals


Chinese people around the world are set to welcome the Chinese lunar New Year on February 1.



  • This year will be the Year of Tiger, replacing the Year of the Ox. The celebrations will take place for around 15 days and end with the lantern festival.

  • The year of the water tiger is coming after 60 years. The tiger represents bravery, strength, and wisdom.

  • The Chinese calendar works on a combination of solar and lunar movements. This is the reason it arrives on different date each time.

  • The Covid-19 restrictions had prevented people from travelling to celebrate with their families. This has impacted the way the festival is celebrated.


The cultural significance for countries

  • In China, this festival is known as spring festival as it marks the arrival of spring season. It is specifically known as ‘Lunar New Year’.

  • The festival is called as Seollal in South Korea and it marks the first day of the Korean calendar. The Tibetans celebrate Losar and Vietnamese celebrate T?t.

  • Other East Asian countries such as Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia celebrate the festival widely in public.



  • Every country has its own traditions. The common focus is placed on, family and food. People also remember their ancestors and rituals are conducted.

  • People decorate their houses with red banners and give away gifts in red envelopes. They consider red colour auspicious.


Zodiac animal connection

There are 12 different animals associated with the festival include ox, tiger, rat, dragon, snake, sheep, monkey, dog, rooster, pig, rabbit, and goat.