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Central Vista redevelopment project

Date: 02 November 2020 Tags: Architecture


In a Supreme Court hearing, Senior Advocate Shyam Divan argued about the discrepancies in the process of the Central Vista Redevelopment project.



The Central Vista is a heritage precinct, declared in the 1962 Master Plan of Delhi as an “important site to meet the aspirations of a rich culture”.



  • The studies that need to be done should include infrastructure, from electrical loads, and water supply to waste disposal.

  • Following this, the design brief or concept is prepared which tells prospective participants what is expected of them, what the scope of the project is, the intent, and the dos and don’t based on the studies.

  • Based on the design idea, in the case of Delhi, the project proponent (construction agency like the CPWD or NBCC) or the client (any government department or ministry) has to seek conceptual approval from the Delhi Urban Arts Commission (DUAC).

  • For any architectural design competition in the country, there are guidelines by the Council of Architecture that have to be followed. Such a competition invites architects, designers, planners to give a solution, which may include remuneration.

  • The first is only an ‘Ideas Competition’ where the merit is on possibilities and innovation. The second stage is where the winner is selected based on his/her capacity to deliver.

  • The difference between a competition and a tender is that a design competition is not an award of contract, it could just be for a prize.

  • After NDMC seeks NOCs from fire service, Airports Authority of India, Archaeological Survey of India, followed by approvals from Heritage Conservation Committee and Central and CVC, then it submits the project to DUAC for detailed approval.

  • With their clearance, the project construction can then begin with periodic supervision by the municipal body to ensure there are no major changes to the plan are made on site.