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Tianlian II-01: China launches 2nd Generation Data Relay Satellite

Date: 02 April 2019 Tags: Space

China has successfully launched Tianlian II-01 data relay satellite into space. It is first satellite in series of second Generation Data Relay Satellite. It was launched on board of Long March-3B carrier rocket from Xichang Satellite Launch Centre in southwest China’s Sichuan Province. It was overall 301st mission of the Long March carrier rocket series.  

Tianlian II-01

  • It is first in series of second-generation data relay satellite. It has been developed by China Academy of Space Technology. Other two satellites of this network- Tianlian II-02 and Tianlian II-03 are in developmental stage.
  • It will provide data relay network, control and measurement, transmission services for manned spacecraft, satellites, carrier rockets and other non-spacecraft users.
  • It has faster data transfer and higher multi-objective service capability as compared to first-generation network offered by Tianlian I satellites.
  • Its network will be used in more advanced space mission planning, system management and operations than first-generation network composed of Tianlian I satellites.
  • It will play important role in improving transmission promptness, in-orbit security and mission flexibility for medium- and low-Earth orbiting satellites and manned spacecraft.

1st Generation Tianlian relay satellites

China's first-generation data relay satellite network- Tianlian I system now has four operational satellites. The first of them Tianlian I-01 was launched in April 2008. They have serviced several important Chinese space activities such. They also had played important role in dockings between Tiangong I space lab and Shenzhou spaceships.

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