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Biggest explosion in the universe came from black hole

Date: 29 February 2020 Tags: Space


Astronomers have discovered the biggest explosion seen in the universe, originating from a super-massive black hole.The blast came from a black hole in a cluster of galaxies 390 million light-years away.



The explosion was so large it carved out a crater in the hot gas that could hold 15 Milky Ways.



  • Astronomers used NASA's Chandra X-Ray Observatory to make the discovery, along with a European space observatory and ground telescopes.

  • They believe the explosion came from the heart of the Ophiuchus cluster of thousands of galaxies: a large galaxy at the center contains a colossal black hole.

  • The gargantuan explosion tore through the heart of a distant galaxy cluster, releasing about five times more energy than the previous record holder.

  • The first hint of this giant explosion actually came in 2016 when Chandra images of the Ophiuchus galaxy cluster revealed an unusual curved edge.

  • The scientists had then ruled out an eruption given the amount of energy that would have been needed to carve out such a large cavity in the gas.

  • The two space observatories, along with radio data from telescopes in Australia and India, confirmed that the curvature was, indeed, part of a cavity.

Chandra X-ray observatory

  • The Chandra X-ray Observatory is part of NASA's ?eet of "Great Observatories" along with the Hubble Space Telescope, the Spitizer Space Telescope and the now deorbited Compton Gamma Ray Observatory.

  • Chandra allows scientists from around the world to obtain X-ray images of exotic environments to help understand the structure and evolution of the universe.

  • The Chandra X-ray Observatory, which was launched by Space Shuttle Columbia in 1999, can better define the hot, turbulent regions of space. This increased clarity can help scientists answer fundamental questions about the origin, evolution, and destiny of the universe.

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