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New Shepard’s historic mission

Date: 15 June 2021 Tags: Space


An unnamed individual has paid $28 million for a seat alongside Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos on their maiden space flight.



The Blue Origin company owned by Bezos will carry passengers to space on board the New Shepard rocket system.



  • The flight by New Shepard will be the maiden human flight of the company. It will mark 52 years of Moon landing by NASA.

  • The Blue Origin was selected by NASA to conduct experiments and research for future Moon and Mars mission. NASA can focus its resources on deep space research.

  • The agreement allows Blue origin to use NASA’s test stand and strengthen partnerships between commercial space industry and space agencies.


New Shepard

  • The New Shepard space rocket has been named to honour Alan Shepard, the first American person to visit space.

  • The rocket can travel over 100 km above Earth and also carry important payloads. The idea of the rocket is to provide cost-effective access to space for research and academic purposes.

  • The company also has commercial interests of taking passengers to leisure trip to the space and allow them to experience micro-gravity situations.


Space tourism

Space tourism involves taking common people to space beyond the Karman line for the purpose of leisure and also business.



  • The New Shepard consists of capsule and a booster rocket. After launching into space, the booster separates at a particular height from the capsule.

  • The separated booster makes a controlled landing back on Earth whereas the capsule makes a free fall over space.

  • The capsule makes use of parachutes to make a soft landing on the Earth. A total of six passengers can be accommodated on the module.

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