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Most detailed image of Sun’s surface

Date: 31 January 2020 Tags: Space


A discovery by researchers using photos of Sun’s surface from  Daniel K. Inouye Solar (DKIS) Telescope in Maui, Hawaii has shown that the surface is made up of boiling plasma, entirely different from previous imagination.



  • The set of images show a close-up view of the Sun’s surface, revealing a gold-coloured cell-like pattern.

  • The cell-like structures that appear to be ‘boiling’ indicate motions that transport heat from the Sun’s interior to its surface via convection.

  • Scientists believe that the photographs can help measure and understand the Sun’s magnetic field. This can help predict disruptive space weather events.

  • A better understanding of the solar magnetic field can help increase the current warning time by over 70 times, and help secure power grids and critical infrastructure.

  • To unravel the Sun’s biggest mysteries, scientists have to not only be able to clearly see these tiny structures from 93 million miles away but very precisely measure their magnetic field strength and direction near the surface and trace the field as it extends out into the million-degree corona, the outer atmosphere of the Sun.

  • The Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope boasts a 4-metre mirror, the world’s largest for a solar telescope, providing the sharpest high-resolution images of the Sun.

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