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Light detected for the first time behind black hole

Date: 04 August 2021 Tags: Space


A major prediction in Einstein’s theory of relativity has been proved by observation of light behind a black hole.



  • Scientists were studying x-ray waves emitted from a black hole in a far away galaxy located about 800 million light years away.

  • Presence of bright flares around black holes in not new as high amount of gravitational force can increase the heat to millions of degrees, resulting in release of X-rays.

  • Theoretically this should not have happened as the X-rays originated from far-side of the black hole and light cannot escape from a black hole.

  • Einstein's general theory of relativity had predicted that gravity is matter warping space-time. This has been discovered for the first time.

  • The European Space Agency's XMM-Newton and NASA's NuSTAR were the space-based telescopes used to make the observations.



The X-ray emitted out from the black hole can be used to study the properties of black hole and also map it.


 Einstein’s general theory of relativity

Einstein’s general theory of relativity says that the laws of physics are the same for all non-accelerating observers. It also says that speed of light in vacuum is constant.


Black hole

  • Black hole is a space time object that has such high gravity that even light cannot escape from it.

  • It contains a great amount of matter that is packed into a small area. The density of such object is very high.

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