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Goldilocks black hole

Date: 31 March 2021 Tags: Space


Scientists have discovered a rare, medium-sized black hole that could explain some of the most elusive questions on existence of life.



Black holes are of two types: Stellar, which are about three to ten times the mass of the Sun and Super-massive ones that are millions to billions times heavier.



  • Scientists say that the newly discovered black hole could be a goldilocks, which is a missing link between the two varieties of black holes.

  • Until now black holes discovered have been ranged from highest to lowest but those at the middle of the range were yet to be discovered.

  • The stellar black holes form when a star dies but the formation of matter-eating super-massive black holes is yet to be identified.

  • Scientists say that the newly discovered black hole could be seeds of the super-massive black hole that are presently found at the centre of the galaxy.

  • The new black hole was discovered when the light from a stellar explosion in the early Universe deviated. Scientists made of gravitational lensing for observation.


Black hole

A black hole is a celestial object that uses an extremely small space for compressing a huge mass. The gravitational pull is so strong that nothing can escape them, not even light.


Gravitational lensing

Gravitational lensing is a phenomenon in which the light from a distant galaxy or star is bent when it passes through a celestial object.

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