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DEEP-CEE: AI-powered tool to identify galaxy clusters developed

Date: 07 July 2019 Tags: Space

Researchers from Lancaster University, UK have developed Artificial Intelligence-powered tool to identify galaxy clusters quickly. It has been named as Deep-CEE (Deep Learning for Galaxy Cluster Extraction and Evaluation).

Re Deep-CEE

  • It is novel deep learning technique to speed up the process of finding Galaxy clusters. This tool has been trained to look at colour images and identify galaxy clusters quickly.
  • Its model is based on neural networks, which are designed to mimic way human brain learns to recognise objects by activating specific neurons when visualising distinctive patterns and colours.

Galaxy clusters

They are some of the most massive structures in the cosmos, consisting of hundreds of galaxies spread in not so vast area, usually it is limited to a few million light-years across. At their core, these clusters have big population of elliptical yet massive galaxies. These clusters are believed to be formed stars a long time ago but not making stars anymore.

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