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Dead star dragging Spacetime

Date: 03 February 2020 Tags: Space


Astronomers have recently discovery that a dead star in space is dragging spacetime around itself.



The scientific phenomenon is not a new one as Einstein himself predicted that any spinning body drags the fabric of spacetime in his general theory of relativity, and coined the process “frame-dragging.”



  • Researchers were able to finally see the theory proven after scientists searched for an example with a greater gravitational pull, and found one in a white dwarf and neutron star pair.

  • Scientists measured when the light flashes of the pulsars would arrive on Earth for a period of over 20 years. Over the two decades, they noticed that there were slight changes in their calculations, meaning the object had “drifted” from its original location.

  • Since there were no other explanations for the movement, astronomers realized that the gravitational force of the pairing had caused the pulsar’s orbit to change its orientation over time by altering spacetime around it.

  • Even after 100 years, the theory of general relativity continues to pass tests as its predictions are found to agree with new observations. Just a few years ago, one major aspect was finally confirmed, gravitational waves.


Spacetime is any mathematical model which fuses the three dimensions of space and the one dimension of time into a single four-dimensional manifold. Spacetime diagrams can be used to visualize relativistic effects, such as why different observers perceive where and when events occur differently.

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