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Dark age of universe

Date: 16 June 2020 Tags: Space


A team of international scientists is closer than ever to detecting, measuring and studying a signal from the “dark age” of the universe that has been travelling through space since the end of that starless era about 13 billion years. 



They are now scouring and analysing the data from the radio telescope to understand the poorly understood “dark age” of universe. The signal could help explain how star formation shaped the early universe.



  • The properties of the universe during this era had a major effect on the formation of the first stars and set in motion the structural features of the universe today.

  • The way matter was distributed in the universe during that era likely shaped how galaxies and galactic clusters are distributed today.

  • Hydrogen atoms began to aggregate and form the first stars when the universe was just one billion years old, bringing an end to the dark Age.

  • The signal that the researchers are looking for is an electromagnetic wave given off by the neutral hydrogen that used to populate the universe before stars formed.


Dark Age

  • The Dark Age is the period between the time when the cosmic microwave background was emitted and the time when the evolution of structure in the universe led to the gravitational collapse of objects, in which the first stars were formed.

  • The period of reionization started with the ionizing light from the first stars, and it ended when all the atoms in the intergalactic medium had been reionized.

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