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Crew-2 mission

Date: 26 April 2021 Tags: Space


Four astronauts were launched to International Space Station (ISS) as a part of collaboration between SpaceX and NASA.



The mission to send astronauts to ISS has been named Crew-2 mission and is part of rotation of SpaceX Crew Dragon.



  • Two members of the crew belong to NASA and the rest of them belong to Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and the European Space Agency (ESA). 

  • NASA had undertaken SpaceX Demo-2 to check if SpaceX modules can be used to ferry astronauts to ISS and back. Crew-1 mission was the first among NASA’s collaboration with SpaceX.


Studies in ISS

  • The astronauts will conduct experiments to investigate food physiology and study effects of low gravity on dietary habits. There will also be studies on gut biomes and immune system.

  • There will also be studies involving tissue chips to understand behaviour of organs in space conditions. Tissue chips have potential to identify safe and effective drugs and vaccines.

  • Progression of aging and diseases occur more quickly in microgravity conditions than earth. Diseases that take months to affect human organs can be studied faster in space.


Commercial crew program

  • The program aims to simplify transportation of cargo and crew easily to and from the ISS. This will lower the cost of space studies in future.

  • NASA can focus more on building technology for deep space exploration missions if commercial companies provide crew transportation services.

  • NASA pays cost to companies such as Boeing and SpaceX for giving them transport services to and from the ISS.

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