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Artificial Gravity to soon become reality

Date: 04 July 2019 Tags: Space

A team of scientists from University of Colorado, US is working on making concept of artificial gravity a reality. They are examining ways to design revolving systems that might fit within a room of future space stations and even moon bases. So far this concept of artificial gravity existed only in science fiction.

Artificial gravity

It means spacecraft generating their own gravity by spinning around in space. Under it, a short-radius centrifuge will rotate around room, gathering more and more speed. The angular velocity generated by this centrifuge will push astronauts’ feet toward base of platform, almost giving feel that he is standing under his own weight.

Application: It will help to keep astronauts healthy as they venture into space, allowing humans to travel farther from Earth than ever before and stay away longer. It will enable astronauts to crawl into these rooms for just few hours day to get their daily doses of gravity.

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