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World Press Freedom Index 2019: India ranks 140th

Date: 19 April 2019 Tags: Reports & Indices

India was ranked 140th out of 180 countries in World Press Freedom Index 2019, released by Reporters Without Borders. In this edition of index, India dropped by two places as compared to 138th position in 2018 edition.

World Press Freedom Index 2019

  • Top 10 Countries are: Norway (1st), Finland (2nd), Sweden (3rd), Netherlands (4th), Denmark (5th), Switzerland (6th), New Zealand (7th), Jamaica (8th), Belgium (9th) and Coasta Rica (10th).
  • Of the 180 countries and territories ranked by this index, 24% are classified as ‘good’ or ‘fairly good’ as opposed to 26% in 2018.
  • India’s neighbors: Bhutan (80), Maldives (98), Nepal (106), Sri Lanka (126), Pakistan (142), Bangladesh (150).
  • Violence against journalists in India: It was in the form of police violence, attacks by Maoists and reprisals by criminal groups and corrupt politicians.  These incidents show the growing unsafe conditions under which journalists work, especially in local media outlets in rural areas, it claimed.

World Press Freedom Index (WPFI)

  • It is annual ranking of countries compiled and published by Reporters Without Borders based upon its own assessment of countries' press freedom records in the previous year.
  • It aims to promotes and defends freedom of information and freedom of the press. It intends to reflect degree of freedom that journalists, news organisations, and netizens have in each country, and efforts made by authorities to respect this freedom.
  • Countries are ranked based upon various parameters including media pluralism and independence, respect for safety and freedom of journalists, and legislative, institutional and infrastructural environment in which media operate.
  • Note: This index only deals with press freedom and does not measure quality of journalism nor does it look at human rights violations in general.
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