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Growth of young smokers in India and world

Date: 28 May 2021 Tags: Reports & Indices


India witnessed the largest growth in number of active tobacco smokers in the age group of 15-24 since 1990.



The Global Burden of Disease collaboration has published a study on global tobacco users ahead of the World No Tobacco Day to be celebrated on May 31.



  • The new data says that about 1.1 billion smoked tobacco across the world. It was responsible for causing 7.7 million deaths.

  • About 89 percent of smokers get addicted to it by the age of 24. One in every five male deaths is attributed to smoking.

  • About two-thirds of global tobacco smoking population stay in India, China, Indonesia, USA, Philippines, Russia, Japan, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Turkey.

  • Between the age group of 15-24, China had the largest number of smokers. It was followed by India and Indonesia.

  • The largest number of male smokers between the 15-24 ages was observed in India followed by Egypt and Indonesia.

  • The largest increase in female smokers between the ages of 15-24 was seen in Turkey followed by Jordan and Zambia.


Preventing tobacco addiction

  • There is a need for two prolonged strategy. The first strategy should focus on making existing users to quit smoking and the second should prevent new adolescents from joining.

  • Initiatives such as Project MYTRI that includes school health interventions has proved successful in reducing tobacco use.


Smoking related deaths

Various health conditions as a result of tobacco smoking include Cancers (tracheal, bronchus and lung), ischaemic heart disease, stroke and COPD.

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