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Global Hunger Index 2021

Date: 16 October 2021 Tags: Reports & Indices


The Global Hunger Index of 2021 edition has ranked India at 101st position out of a total 116 countries.



  • The report is prepared jointly by Irish aid agency Concern Worldwide and German organisation Welt Hunger Hilfe.

  • Current projections based on the Global Hunger Index (GHI) are an indication that the world as a whole will fail to achieve even low hunger by 2030.


Parameters for calculation

  • Undernourishment: Low nutrition level

  • Child wasting: Children who have low weight for their height

  • Child stunting: Children who have low height for their age

  • Child mortality: The mortality rate of children under the age of five



  • GHI calculates hunger on a 100-point scale, where 0 is the best possible score (no hunger) and 100 is the worst.

  • Each country’s GHI score is represented by severity, from low to extremely alarming.


Hunger in India

  • India is also among the 31 countries where hunger has been identified as serious concern. Only 15 countries in the world fare worse than India. 

  • India was also behind most of the neighbouring countries in the region. Pakistan was placed at 92nd rank, Nepal at 76 and Bangladesh was also at 76.

  • India has shown improvement in several indicators like the under-5 mortality rate, prevalence of stunting in children and prevalence of undernourishment owing to inadequate food.



Food security is under threat due to worsening conflict and global climate change. The index tries to provide picture of situation.

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